Benson Wong

Full stack developer / Angel Investor

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My approach is to leverage the immense knowledge of industries and leaders to effectively advise clients or iterate thought processes and projects. Available for work.



Current (WIP)

The tech work involves an app using flutter, nosql db, and will be MVP ready for Feb. But rather than write about it I'll let my new wonderful friend explain it
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Offline transcriptions for note taking support

Current (WIP)

Works entirely offline. Uses on-device speech-to-text to transcribe from a microphone or saved video/audio files. Plays back and highlights words, might be good for listening comprehension. Can filter/search through meeting notes so there's a visual representation of the meeting.

Machine Learning Flutter App

Blink Blonk

Detect text and augment the detected text on top. Take a capture and touch or drag to interact with elements. Automatic translations to base language. Automatic conversion to base currency. Open links with a tap. Works entirely offline.

Mini project with facial recognition

Uses firebase, firestore, dropzone image uploader, and google vision api

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Start-up Acquired by in 2013

Created a startup to make credit card reward values immediately obvious so they can be compared against each other. Acquired by ratehub when they were in a small house. Look at them now, owning moneysense magazine :)



Software Consultant

Full Stack Developer/Angel Investor

Wrote some flutter apps learning dart, ML, nosql, and other modern concepts.

Athletica rewards


The tech and leadership went amazing and that's what we should focus on :)




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Carleton University


Bachelor of Engineering: Software Engineer

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